Eco-Sustainable Responsible Tourism, Environment, Man-Nature Relationship Balance

We at the Le Tore Agritourism Farm recycle our waste and re-use the humid waste in the farm by feeding select parts of it to the egg-laying hens and the cattle; and employing the rest as fertilizing compost.


We have chosen to use low-energy consumption light bulbs and we invite our guests to mind their water and laundry use so as to avoid unnecessary waste; we also recommend the use of public transportation or other means alternative to private vehicles for recreational trips in order to help preserve the environment and maintain the right cohabitation balance between tourism, humans and nature. Our guests often arrive here by foot, through the breathtaking paths of the Alta Via dei Monti Lattari.


We are working on a project for the autonomous production of electric and thermal energy and for using by-products of the wood processing industry in our heating installations.


We have organized our orchard, over the year, so as to minimize its watering needs, through a targeted use of agronomic practices and the seed sowing and transplanting cycles.


We have also researched a plan of external purchases that aims to reduce packaging. To areas external to the farm not entirely lit, we provide our guests with battery-operated torches and also use photovoltaic low-power lamps to indicate directions.



L'azienda agricola Le Tore ha stretto un accordo di collaborazione con il FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano) e con la proprietà FAI della Baia di Ieranto, per organizzare escursioni e visite didattiche.