Le Tore produces extra-virgin olive oil, fruit, produce, canned food, jams and preserves, all certified by ICEA (the Ethical and Environmental Certification Institute).

Here’s a list of products that can be purchased on the premises:


PDO Penisola Sorrentina Extra Virgin Oil

This strong personality oil is especially suitable for enhancing the fragrance of bruschettas, fish soups, bluefish cakes, grilled white meats and potato salads.

                 ml 250 €  5.00 each ml 500 € 10.00  each

                 ml 750 € 15.00  each


Tomato Purée

Produced from organic tomatoes grown on the farm. The high concentration of tomatoes at the source allows for a rapid transformation of the product, maintaining freshness and keeping nutritional value intact.

                500 g jars € 3.00   each


Tomato Fillets

Produced from organic tomatoes grown on the farm. A selection of the best tomatoes cut in quarter pieces is combined with tomato purée and then packaged in a glass jar. Suitable for the preparation of delicacies, such as meat alla pizzaiola, pizzas and spaghetti al filetto.

                500 g jars of € 3.00 each


Preserves and Jams

Produced from organic fruit grown in the farm. The fruit is processed as soon as it is picked by adding sugar and then it is packaged in glass jars. Apricot, sour cherry, cherry, fig, raspberry, annurca apple, limoncelle apple, golden apple, mastantuono pear, peach, plum and elderberry preserves are available. The following jams are also available: orange, bitter orange and lemon.

                240 g jars of € 4,00 - € 5,00  each





Termini e condizioni di vendita


L'azienda agricola Le Tore ha stretto un accordo di collaborazione con il FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano) e con la proprietà FAI della Baia di Ieranto, per organizzare escursioni e visite didattiche.